GovSpace Review – Platform Closure

By Chris Wilcox on 20 Sep 2016 12:36pm, no comments

A review of the GovSpace service, has recently been conducted. The review’s objectives were to assess the sites relevance and viability in an ever-changing digital landscape.

It has been found that many sites operate as one-way content delivery sites, rather than interactive blogs. This usage pattern strays from the original GovSpace mission to provide services that encourage more interactive public engagement as promoted by the original Gov 2.0 program.

As a result of this analysis, a decision has been made to close GovSpace

An alternative, continuing web presence will be sort for the future

Comments regarding the closing of this site can be posted, and should be received by the site owner no later than COB Friday, 14th October, 2016


Locate 16

By Chris Wilcox on 3 Mar 2016 2:39pm, no comments

Members of the ePlan Working Group (eWG) will be in attendance at Locate 16, in Melbourne on Thursday 14th April, 2016. We will be available to meet with anyone from industry to discuss and promote Land XML, as well as giving presentations as follows:

  • Hamed Olfat (Land Vic), chairman of the Technical Committee, will be giving a presentation titled: “The Victorian Digital Cadastre: Challenges and Investigations” 
  • Chris Wilcox (LPI, NSW), chairman of the ePlan Working Group, will be giving a national update on behalf of the group

To organise a pre-arranged meeting time with members of the eWG, please contact Chris Wilcox or Hamed Olfat


Statement of Proposal

By Chris Wilcox on 21 Dec 2015 11:04am, no comments

The recent Statement of Proposal (SOP) put forward by Land Victoria to amend the ePlan data model to allow the creation of ‘text-only’ plans and to support ‘exaggeration’ in ePlan, has been endorsed by ICSM

Following on from feedback received from the ePlan Stakeholder group, the ePlan Technical Committee put their proposal to the ICSM members earlier this month

The National ePlan Protocol Schema and Mapping Specifications document have been updated to reflect the changes as per the SOP

The Structural Requirements document has also been recently updated to include reference to the missing enumeration value of ‘Encroached’ to Section 2.1.2. Parcel State



ePlan Working Group Meeting

By Chris Wilcox on 24 Sep 2015 10:12am, no comments

Land Tasmania hosted the ePlan Working Group for a series of meetings over two days in early September. This face to face meeting offered the eWG the opportunity to resolve issues, discuss future direction and share ideas. Some of the topics covered included:

  • review the progress of the visualisation service in various jurisdictions
  • realise any potential implementation issues &
  • review the requirements for supporting building subdivisions in ePlan

At the conclusion of these meetings, Dr Hamed Olfat (VIC) stayed on to present on ePlan and the 3D Cadastre progress at the SSSI – Tasmania conference


ePlan at SEASC 2015

By Chris Wilcox on 5 Aug 2015 3:47pm, no comments

South East Asian Survey Congress, Singapore (28th – 31st July, 2015)

The ePlan Working Group was represented by Dr Hamed Olfat (VIC) at the recent South East Asian Survey Congress in Singapore. Hamed gave a presentation entitled: “Digital Cadastre: LandXML Implementation in Australia”

Topics included:

  • Background to Digital Cadastre in Australia
  • ePlan Data Model and Land XML Protocol
  • Implementation of Services
  • Survey Software Vendors Progress
  • ICSM Cadastre 2034 Strategy &
  • 3D Digital Cadastre Investigation in Victoria

The presentation provided the International audience with a good understanding of the status of ePlan across Australia, steps the Working Group are undertaking in Land XML implementation and a glimpse into what is possible in the future.

The presentation file is available here: SEASC 2015- LandXML Implementation in Australia


Changes for LandXML – 2.0 posted

By Chris Wilcox on 10 Jul 2015 4:04pm, no comments

Land XML version 2.0 has been released for comment on the landxml.org website

The following changes have been posted to the proposed LandXML 2.0 schema:

  • Added a road design cross section template table.
  • Added a MaterialTable with display and materials attributes for any CoordGeom, CGPoints, cross sections and surface faces elements. This works for any elements derived from <CoordGeom> and <Point3D>.
  • Added Pond definition to PipeNetworks → Struct element.
  • Added Channel definition type to PipeNetworks → Pipe element.
  • Adoption of XML digital signature for signing and sealing LandXML instance content.

LandXML.org is going off air

By Nev Cumerford on 20 Nov 2012 10:56am, no comments

Over the last few months there has been some discussions about LandXML.org and its future.  There is the start of a project within the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) to look at the user comunity of LandXML and to provide future assistance.  A Land Development Standards Working Group is being commissioned and the Australian Community is being represented on the Working Group by Chris Body from Australian Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, he will be acting on behalf of the ICSM which will be supporting him.

Advice has been given that the LandXML Schema is open source and available for use, the complication is with the LandXML Domain, more details will be announced in the near future.


ePlan at SSSI National Land Surveying Conference

By Christine Hsiao on 4 May 2012 5:06pm, no comments

The ePlan Working Group members presented at the SSSI National Land Surveying Conference in Melbourne on 20th April 2012. Mark Deals (NSW), Mohsen Kalantari (VIC) and Nev Cumerford (QLD) presented on the following topics:

  • Brief History of ePlan
  • Benefits of ePlan
  • Update from a National Perspective
  • Five stages of Digital lodgement:
    • 1) Protocol 2) Internal Process 3) Services 4) Approval and 5) Value Add
  • The Unified ePlan Protocol (Structure and Common Elements)
  • Validation
  • Visualisation
  • How will industry generate an ePlan and updates on working with surveying software vendors
  • Details of LandXML and how it relates to ePlan protocol from a NSW perspective
  • NSW, QLD and VIC presented updates on where each are in the implementation of the 5 stages

The presentation provided the audience with a good understanding of the status of ePlan across Australia, how it will affect them and how they can engage with the process and be part of the pilot.


ePlan SSSI Conference Presentation [PDF – 11.7 MB]



ICSM ePlan Protocol Finalised

By Rachel Relf (WA) on 17 Nov 2010 7:15pm, no comments

The finalised versions of the ePlan Protocol documents and schema files is now available for download from the ePlan Protocol page.


Welcome to the ICSM ePlan Working Group Govspace

By icsm-eplan on 10 Nov 2010 6:32am, 1 comment

Welcome to the ICSM ePlan Working Group community on GovSpace. The purpose of this site is to allow the ICSM ePlan Working Group to publish the latest ePlan documentation for stakeholders to review, implement and post comments on.